Saturday, July 5, 2014

Graphic Blue small ottoman

Second Ottoman Project   Perfecting new skills and adding some fun details!

 Hello!   Today I am sharing my second upholstery project!  This ottoman is much smaller in scale than the last one I did.  This is for a young woman's bedroom sitting area and will be by a futon.  I also added some nail head details.  I love how this turned out.  

Here are some pictures along the way.

 Up to this point the process is the same as the Floral Ottoman Project 

.    The only difference was that I adjusted the overall height as this ottoman needed to be lower.  

Nail Head Detail

Finished Ottoman

I hope you like it!
"Make Your Home Your Favorite Destination"
Happy Decorating

Floral Ottoman Upholstery Project

Projects and Learning new skills!

I have been wanting to learn some upholstering skills for a very long time.  Like many of you, I struggle with finding the time to learn a new skill.  I am so happy that I made the time and went out of my comfort zone.    It was well worth the effort and time.

I started out  small, an ottoman for a sitting area.  

Here are some pictures of the process

Building the Frame

Jute Webbing



Applying the first layer of the decorative fabric

Corners cut and folded 

Added the covered cording- Midway and along the bottom

Pattern Matching

All Done 
  I hope you like it!!!!

Happy Decorating
"Make Your Home Your Favorite Destination"