Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday Hand Rendering - Lady with a Red Hat

Today I am putting this one out there with a bit of hesitation.  I have been trying out some new techniques and not sure I have it yet.

I love just about everything in this room!

I also wish I knew who designed this lovely room.  But alas I do not.  
I decided to just go ahead and post anyway.  This one has taken me longer than usual.  I have actually restarted the whole rendering about 3 times.  Crazy?  Maybe, but not to get myself off the hook here, this room was particularly challenging for me.  Some of the surfaces were really difficult for me to put down.  

After the fourth try, I decided to just say what the heck.  There was actually something in each try that I would end up really loving, and other elements, not so much.  

Knowing when to stop is good in theory, but actually stopping takes a lot of self control.   Which admittedly I do not always have .

So here is where I stopped!!!!

I hope you enjoy it.

Rendering by:  Cindy LeBlanc

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