Saturday, July 13, 2013

Building a color scheme from a favorite fabric


I thought it would be fun to go through the steps of building a color scheme starting with a favorite fabric!
Today I will be using a fabulous print from F Schumacher
Jaipur Tree 
Let's get started
Here is the color pallet


Step # 1
Choose a color from the fabric for the walls.
In my case, I chose the lighter of the blues. I really like the feel of this blue, and it is a good choice if adding color is the direction you wish to go in.  Any of the colors would work.  We will take a look at those later.

Step #2
Choose a color for the sofa, furnishings, and window treatments. In this example I will be using Schumacher print, Jaipur Tree, on the window treatments and chairs. I chose the celadon green for the sofa and the blue for an ottoman, doubling as a cocktail table.  I love how the blue and the green work together to create a serene color scheme, and the print adds just enough red to really give this room a lot of wow!

Step # 3
Selecting a finish for the wood furnishings
  I love the furnishings and finishes offered by Sommerset Bay Furniture.
I chose a beautiful cream color,
  Vanilla Bean finish, it has a traditional yet relaxed feel.  The lighter finish is going to work well with the light trim and give some breathing space to all of the color. 

Middleton End Table - Sommerset Bay Furniture
Step #4
I couldn't resist these amazing gourd lamps!  I love gourd lamps.  With so many shapes, sizes and colors.  I can always find one that fits just perfectly.
This one is from Curry & Co.
Soicher Marin
Rendering by:  Cindy LeBlanc
I hope you are inspired!

Happy Decorating

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thibaut Cypress Collection- Hand Rendering

Today's rendering is inspired by
 Thibaut Design
Cypress Collection
I love rooms that have a neutral color scheme.  Using black and cream with just a punch of color is always a fresh approach and a winning combination!

Shalimar in Black and Cream

Hand Rendering:  Cindy LeBlanc
I hope you enjoy!  
Happy Decorating