Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hand Rendering of Charles Faudree Design

Well I have been working on this rendering for longer than usual! 
All of the little details were challenging as well as the specific colors of the blue & white china and fabric. Most daunting of all was the mere fact that this area was created by the amazingly talented designer Charles Faudree.   All of his rooms have such warmth, color, and life. 

I was working, happily, just enjoying the process of trying to interpret the photo onto paper.  Once finished, I went to scan and tweak as I usually do. The next step is to post. 
It was about the time that I finished the scanning and began to tweak, that a voice in my head reminded me that this was not a humble chair that I had been working on. 

I started to question my ability, or really my lack of expertise.  I started to recall all of the amazing art renderings of Charles Faudree rooms that I had seen and been in awe of, inspired by.

So it is with this spirit that I humbly submit this rendering.  I hope Mr. Faudree will not be displeased.    

Charles Faudree

 Rendering By:  Cindy LeBlanc

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