Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winning Color Combination


Opposites Attract
For a winning color combination don't overlook one of my favorites,  Blue and Orange.
Blue and Orange you say?  Yes, these opposites really do attract.  Opposite on the Color Wheel, they form a  Complementary Color Scheme and are sure to have a bold impact.  Tone them down a bit, and they are calming and sumptuous.
This combination works in many design aesthetics, from Traditional to Modern. 
You can see this stunning color combination in
David Kiehm - Deaddrift Studios
 amazing interiors 
Miles Redd
Madelyn Wynrebb Rug
Thibaut Design
Miles Redd

 lovely fabrics by F Schumacher

San Carlo Mohair Velvet

Sunara Ikat

 I hope this Color Inspiration has Inspired you to look a little further into Complementary Color Schemes for your home.
"Make Your Home Your Favorite Destination"

Happy Decorating!


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