Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 Day Count Down to Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner....
I thought I would share some of our Holiday House with all of you.
Every year we put up a live tree.  I remember growing up, my mother wanted very much to transition into a fake tree.  I would protest until finally she would give in, and to my delight, we would go out and  purchase our live tree.  
She would lament that one day I would understand why she did not want to get a live tree, as the mess from all of the needles was just too much work.  We never had a Fraser Fur. 

While it is true that when you are the one cleaning up the mess, your perspective is somewhat different than those just enjoying the tree. 
I still love a live tree in the home.  It has a special way of bringing hope, wonder and that lovely scent of pine into our home at Christmas time.  Yes, there is more work at the end of it all.  But so worth it!



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