Thursday, May 24, 2012

Color Inspiration

Color inspiration can come from almost anywhere!  Find something that inspires you.  Something that captures a feeling you would like to recreate.  A feeling you love!   I have some artwork that does this for me.  I confess that I am addicted to textiles, so a beautiful fabric, a great hand knotted or woven rug, can be a source of inspiration for me.    But as is the case sometimes, we don't have the rug or the fabric yet.  So what now?

Start by looking around you.   There is inspiration everywhere.   Especially in nature. Nature has color harmony perfected.  You will also find that nature isn't afraid of taking a little chance when it comes to color.  Sometimes the unexpected pop of color is the most exciting. 
Look at the lovely color scheme created from this photo.

See if you can imagine a room created with these colors as the inspiration.  I'm off to do the same.
I'll be back with my next post!
Proof that inspiration is everywhere!

Happy Decorating

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