Friday, February 17, 2012

What Color are You?

Let's talk Color

Color is a topic that always comes up in a design consultation. What color to use in a space can be one of the most personal statements about our visual preferences.  It also says something about our level of comfort with commitment.  I don't have a commitment problem you say.  I am not talking about commitment to a  relationship or job.   I am talking about commitment to color.  I confess, I too have an aversion to making a commitment to color at times.   After all it is so final.  While I am not a jump in let's paint the walls chartreuse kind of person, I can't imagine a room without color.   
So if your looking at your home right now and wondering if there are any shades of cream and white you have not used, stay tuned. 
We are going to add some color to your home, one step at a time.  
First off I am going to share some information with you about color .

Color and Your Emotions
excerpts from: What Hue are you, written by Denise Turner

While color preferences are very individual, colors have been scientifically proven to have consistent physical and emotional effects, which is worth considering when selecting colors for your environment or clothing.
Ancient Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, and Greek cultures were aware of the importance of Color Therapy. In fact, Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, used different colored ointments and salves on his patients and he painted his treatment rooms in colors that promoted healing.
Hippocrates discovered that red helped patients with circulatory problems while blue aided in reducing the temperature of feverish adults and children.
“Red is passionate and exciting and people who drive red cars drive faster than someone in a black car.” Turner says, “Pink is red however with the addition of white has a completely different effect. It slows the heart rate and calms aggressive behavior."

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