Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Adding color to your home

Here is a true story that happened to Moi!

My son and I picked out a wonderful blue to repaint his room and kick off a new look.  Benjamin Moores Nantucket Fog AC-22.   I headed off to the store color sample in hand   Picked out base paint.  The paint was all mixed and ready to go, little swatch on top.  On my way to the register a woman commented  "what a pretty color." Pretty, hmm.   While in line the cashier said "what a lovely Sea foam." Sea foam, hmm,  not what we were going for. I was getting nervous, thinking I may need to change job professions. Not to mention, my hubby was at home patiently waiting, all set up, walls sanded, washed, and taped. Whole afternoon set aside to get this job done for me. You get the point here, right?
My son had put complete trust in my design ability and sent me off saying he knew whatever I picked out would look fantastic!  I was a bit queasy.  I walked in and said " I think it would be a good idea to paint a swatch on the wall."
My husband not sure why, looking suspicious, agreed.

This story has a happy ending. The swatch on my sons wall was neither pretty or Sea foam.  It was in fact, exactly what we were was hoping for.  The lighting in the paint store had significantly changed the appearance of the color we chose.   So much so, that it did not appear to be just lighter or darker, it was a different color altogether.

Whew!!!  Very scary stuff people.   
All kidding aside.  Buying a can of paint is not the most expensive purchase you will probably make when deciding to redecorate.  Hiring a professional to prepare and paint a room for you on the other hand, well not so inexpensive.

Tip # 1
Choose the color in the room and the light it will seen in most often.
Go to the paint store and bring home several swatches of the colors you like.
Look at them in the room at different times of day.  

 "Wait"  are you saying " I haven't even figured out what color I like." 
Or, "I know what colors I like, but I'm not sure what would look the best."

In my next segment I will talk about color schemes, and share some of my ideas on how to choose a color pallet.  
Stay inspired!

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