Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is the meaning of Beauty

Creating Beauty in the home and in your life.   As the New Year starts, I am pondering the value of beauty.  Everything about the descriptive has me questioning what its' true meaning is.
I wonder about the importance of striving to have a beautiful home, and am uplifted and inspired by the positive comments from my family and friends.

In creating a lovely home, I have been reminded that you must consider all of the individuals who live there, yes even the pets.  That it is important to bring a positive attitude to everything you do.  

Beauty may be the most powerful thing on earth.
Beauty speaks.
Beauty invites.
Beauty nourishes.
Beauty comforts.
Beauty inspires.
Beauty is transcendent.
Beauty draws us to God.

–John & Stasi Eldredge

This wonderful quote says it all to me.
Each of us has our own special talent in the business of Beauty.  Share your gifts with those around you.  Invite, Inspire, Comfort, Nourish . Get closer to God.
Happy New Year

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  1. I agree that beauty is very powerful. The sea, the mountains, the forests and the faces of our children. Whatever beauty we can bring into our homes gives us moments of serenity.