Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hand Rendering work featured on A Schematic Life

Beautiful Spaces Design and Rendering
I am so pleased and thrilled to have my hand rendering work featured on the blog of Michelle Morelan  "A Schematic Life"  Thanks to Michelle, I am learning hand rendering techniques that have eluded me for a long time.
Michelle is an amazing artist and interior designer and I have the deepest respect for her commitment to her work and helping others do there best.

Thanks Again Michelle this made my day!


  1. Beautiful work, Cindy. Now, I can't wait to see how the actual project unfolds.

  2. I read the blog archive... sounds like you need a lot of psychological insite to work on a home project. Wow - I agree. Rooms in homes of friends that I loved were ones that I felt sooo comfortable in. Must have been a feeling that was created there.
    The hand rendering is lovely and does evoke a feeling of the room.
    You go girl. Good luck.