Thursday, August 5, 2010

How does your home make you feel?

Take time out to really consider what kind of feeling you want to invoke in the space you are considering changing.    Calm, Energizing, Relaxing.
These are just a few to get you thinking.

Often when changing  a space in our home we think about how we want it to look.  That is an important equation, but don't forget to consider how you want it to feel.    
I have a wonderful client who really got me thinking about this.  She described a room we are redoing as making her happy! 
Do you feel one way or another when you enter any given room in your home.
Maybe you haven't given it much thought. 

When I receive a call to give design advise, often I hear that the client  just does not like the room.  Things just don't look the way they would like.  But often there is a disconnect as to why they room is not what they are looking for.
"I just don't know"  is a common response.

Maybe the room is not evoking the feeling that is desired.  Like Happy.
I like that one.  
Here is to your home greeting you with Happiness.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The emotional Journey of creating a space that reflects you

Sometimes making the decision about how to change a space in your home can present unexpected emotional hurdles to climb.  

We may be ready for change, and have set aside the neccessary funds to execute that change.  When faced with the decisions, often we become overwhelmed, and emotional.  Why? 
Believe it or not just like any other change you may want to make in your life,   there are a set of beliefs that are your internal compass. This belief system can  either move you forward toward change in a healthy way or inhibit you from making decisions.

To help you cut through some of this internal clutter when it comes to thinking about your home.  Here a few tips.

Think about your ideas about what a home should be?

Now challenge yourself to consider where these ideas came from.
these are just a few ideas for sources.

Do you agree with these ideas now as an adult?

I find it facinating that even though myself and many of my clients are adult women, we still feel the need for approval from someone regarding the decisions we make about how we decorate our home. 

This way of thinking can hold you back from living in the home of your dreams. 
 Home should =  You and Your Families likes and needs.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hi,  This is my first post on my blog!  I am so excited.  
I hope to share information about interior design and how it effects the way we feel in our most personal space. 
 Our Home.